Flute Board

Flute board is an amazing product. Because of its strength, durability and lightness it has proven to be a superior alternative to cardboard, plywood and metal in many applications.

For display, Flute board sheet is the perfect substrate. Our screen printing machines use UV curing and can print multi coloured designs. Outdoor signs, point of sale and product exhibits are all enhanced by using Flute board.

For packaging, Flute board’s uses are endless. As a result of its durability, a returnable Flute board box can be re-used many times, increasing its life ten-fold. It also has a niche in the horticulture sector where some of its applications include grape vine protection, (vineguards), asparagus export boxes, and hydroponic trays.

Some of the Flute Board properties are;

Light weight
Impact resistant
Strong and durable
Water Resistant
Non toxic and resistant to chemicals
Cost effective
Easy to die-cut and fabricate
All fluteboard products are 100% recyclable

This page demonstrates a small range of products, which are constructed from Fluteboard. If you would like a quote for an item similar to those displayed, or you have a great Fluteboard idea, simply contact us